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Gateway CC-Link Slave to Open Modbus/TCP
Cost-optimized entry level Gateway for simple conversions


Make: Hilscher
Origin: Germany
Product Status: Active

  • Integrates Modbus TCP devices into a CC-Link network
  • Flexible use of Modbus TCP as Client or Server
  • Short I/O data conversion time lower than 20 ms
  • Extremely space-saving compact design
  • Loadable Firmware for flexible use of other conversions
  • With Ethernet diagnostic and configuration port


Available on backorder


netTAP 50 is a protocol converter for simple conversions. netTAP 50 converts 1-port Real-Time Ethernet, fieldbus and serial automation protocols. Slave to slave or slave to master conversions are supported. As a master, netTAP 50 provides full master functionality to one slave device only. This makes it easy to integrate a single field device into any higher-level network.

The design impresses with a cost-optimized, compact hardware implementation being reduced to the elementary requirements of a protocol converter. The converter addresses market segments which set the focus on cost savings. The cost-reduced design combined with its countless conversion possibilities makes netTAP 50 an attractive gateway in terms of price and universality.

Ordering information:

Product name Part number Brief description
NT 50-CC-EN 1754.110 Gateway CC-Link Slave to Ethernet

CC-LinkModbus TCP

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 17 mm
Product Product name NT 50-CC-EN
Part number 1754.110
Brief description Gateway CC-Link Slave to Ethernet
Communication controller Communication controller netX 50
Integrated Memory RAM 8 MB SDRAM
FLASH 4 MB serial Flash
Power supply Supply voltage 24 V ± 6 V DC
Current consumption at 24 V (typically) 72 mA
Connector type Mini-COMBICON, 2-pin
Communication interface 1 Communication interface CC-Link V2.0 and 1.1
Interface type RS-485
Connector type COMBICON, 5-pin
Communication interface 2 Communication interface Ethernet
Interface type 100 BASE-TX or 10 BASE-T, isolated
Connector type 1 * RJ45
Diagnostic interface Type Ethernet, 4-pin
Connector type RJ45 socket
Display Display 1 SYS System status
Display 2 APL Application status
Display 3 COM Communication status
Display 4 LINK Link, ACT Activity
Permitted ambient conditions Ambient temperature (operation) 0 … +60 °C
Relative humidity (operation) no condensation allowed
Device Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 26 x 66 mm (without connector)
Weight appr. 80 g
Degree of protection IP 20
Mounting type on DIN rail EN 60715
Configuration Configuration software SYCON.net
Conformity RoHS Yes
Conformance with EMC directives CE sign Yes
Emission CISPR 11 Class A
Immunity EN 61131-2:2003