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 Thermocouples with Connection Head

The sensors with connection head have modular structure, which means that they consist of parts that can be selected depending on particular needs. These sensors consist of a measuring insert with terminal block, neck, protection tube and connection head.


  • Measuring range: -40….1200C & 0…..1800C
  • Fine chemical industry
  • Light energy industry
  • General industrial services
  • Food industry


  • Stainless Steel AISI321 / 1.4541 or AISI316L / 1.4404, AISI316Ti / 1.4571 upon request
  • Spring-loaded measuring insert provides ideal contact with protective tube
  • Temperature transmitter can be installed inside connection head of sensor
  • Connection head with local LCD or LED display as an option (see models TWR01H, DANWdie-LED)

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Thermocouples of this series are designed for screw-fitting directly into the process, mainly in vessels and pipelines. These thermometers are suitable for liquid and gaseous media under moderate mechanical load and normal chemical conditions.


The sensor consists of an exchangeable measuring insert, outer protective tube (thermowell) and aluminum connection head where mounting a temperature transmitter with 4-20 mA/HART® or Profibus®PA output signal is possible.

The measuring insert represents the replaceable element of the complete sensor which reduces time and costs of maintenance of the measuring apparatus installed in the object. Spring fixation of the measuring insert provides perfect pressure to the bottom of the protecting tube, reduces time of reaction to changes of temperature and increases accuracy of measurement as well as reduces natural vibration thus mechanical and electrical defects can be avoided.

Insertion length, process connection, design of thermowell, connection head as well as type and number of sensors, accuracy and method of connection can be selected individually for the respective application.

Temperature transmitter ( Optional)

Transmitter is mounted inside the connection head of the sensor: directly on measuring inset or in the high cap of head.

Weight 2 kg
TC Sensor Version

Double (2xTC), Single (1xTC), Single (1xTC), with temperature transmitter, Single thermocouple (1xTC), with 4..20 mA temperature transmitter and local LED display (only with DANWdie head), Tripple (3xTC)

Thermocouple Type

Other: Specify in message after adding in RFQ basket, Type J (Fe-CuNi), Type K (NiCr-NiAl), Type N (NiCrSi-NiSi)


50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, custom length, Other: Specify in Message after Adding to RFQ

Diameter (mm)

10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 9mm, 8mm, Other: Please specify in Message after Adding in RFQ Basket, 7mm, 6mm

Head Closing Method

Closing by Clamp, Closing by Screws

Connection Head

Other: Specify in next step After Adding to RFQ, Type B, Aluminium, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65, Type BEG, Stainless Steel AISI316, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65, Type DAN, Aluminium, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65, Type DAND, Aluminium, Cable glands M20x1.5, IP65, Type DANDW, Aluminium, Cable glands M20x1.5, IP65, Type DANW, Aluminium, Cable glands M20x1.5, IP65, Type DANWdie with local LED display, Aluminium, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65, Type KNE, Aluminium, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65, Type NA, Aluminium, Cable gland M20x1.5, IP65

Process Connection

1"NPT, 1/2"NPT, 3/4"NPT, G1", G1/2", G3/4", M20x1.5, M22x1.5, M24x1.5, M27x2, Other: Please specify after adding in RFQ Basket


Class 1 according to PN-EN 60584-2, Class 2 according to PN-EN 60584-2


5331A, 5334A, 5335A, 5337A, No Transmitter

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